Talas Dryer

Talas Dryer is an intellectual device for monitoring and protecting electric motors. It automatically measures the insulation resistance and drives out the humidity from winding insulation when necessary.

Talas Measurer

Talas Measurer is an intellectual device for automatic insulation resistance monitoring. When the motor stops Talas Measurer starts to measure the insulation resistance in adjustable cycles and gives warnings in case of falling insulation resistance. Talas Measurer comes with a feature allowing it to work with most VFDs and soft starters without isolation contactor.

Talas Dryer Portable

After flooding, heavy rain, long storing or a process failure water and humidity may have deteriorated the insulation resistance. Previously motors had to be decommissioned for oven drying but now with the Portable Talas Dryer there is no need to even touch the motor. Portable Talas Dryer dries the insulation and automatically informs you when the motor is ready for start.

Talas Monitoring

Talas monitoring is a web based user friendly monitoring service developed for monitoring insulation resistance and operational information of electric motors.