Talas Measurer TWTB-12VDC

Talas Measurer is an intelligent device for automatic insulation resistance monitoring. When the motor stops Talas Measurer starts to measure the insulation resistance in adjustable cycles and gives warnings in case of falling insulation resistance. Talas Measurer comes with a feature allowing it to work with most VFDs and soft starters without isolation contactor.


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With Talas Measurer, unexpected disruptions and equipment failures can be predicted, and maintenance decisions can be based on reliable and timely information. Even a new short circuit motor can fail. One of the most common causes of short-circuit motor failures is a decrease in the insulation resistance of the windings. Hot and humid environments accelerate the wear of motor windings. An unforeseen failure in a short-circuit motor, generator or pump can lead to high costs and environmental damage. ORDER YOURS TODAY!