About TALAS Electric

Who we are

Talas Electric is Finnish technology company founded in 2015. Talas is focusing on improving production reliability and productivity by improving predictive maintenance of electric motors and preventing unexpected motor failures. As a result also better durability and energy efficiency is achieved. Talas devices are designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland.

Talas Electric’s major products are Talas Measurer and Talas Dryer. Talas Measurer is the only device in the world that is automatically  monitoring insulation resistance for AC and DCmotors. Talas Dryer measures winding insulation resistance and dries the winding insulation when necessary. Reduced winding insulation resistance is one of the most common reasons for unexpected failures of electric motors operating in damp conditions. Talas Measurer allows users to monitor the insulation resistance development via internet from any computer or smart device. In addition to Talas Dryer and Talas Measurer Talas Electric has other innovational measurement devices under development.

Core Team

Ville Halonen

MSc. Oil and Gas Management

Juha Strandberg

MSc. Engineering and Sales Management

Matti Myllymaki

BSc Accounting